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One of the most pressing problems in modern correctional pedagogy, of course, is education, upbringing and psycho-pedagogical correction of children with autistic type of development. The difficulties of this process are primarily due to the complexity and many-sidedness of a special type of development of the psyche of such children. Children with autistic type of development are very different, the level of problems in each child is quite individual.



Excursions, walks, lectures

Training should be interesting! Our kids are always glad to come to school because good teachers are waiting for them here, entertainment, new knowledge and skills, and in order to diversify our school life, interesting events are always held, we go to walks and arrange performances. Lectures and seminars are also regularly held with parents.


Computer help in Kiev, Melnikov Volodymyr

Creating, promoting and redesigning sites, installing and configuring IPs and analog cameras, mobile phone firmware, private computer literacy lessons.

Association of international and all-Ukrainian public organizations 'CHILD.UA'

Our mission is to identify the main problems faced by people with autistic spectrum disorders and their families and find solutions to them; information support and promotion of the needs and values ​​of the community people with autism in Ukraine; to achieve better understanding and perception of disorders of the autistic spectrum in our society; to achieve active interactive interagency work of state structures and the community of people with autism to solve the problems associated with PAC in Ukraine and significant reforms in this sphere.

Protecting the rights of people with autism spectrum disorders

Charitable, non-governmental organizations of Ukraine and families that care for individuals (children, adolescents and children) adults) with autism spectrum disorders decided to unite to solve the problems of people with autism in our country, and aim at creating a comprehensive, timely, systematic and long-term care for people with autism throughout their lives.


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